Bungalow Lighting



    Options: Many Sizes - 12 Accent Colors - 6 Woods Colors - Many Hanging Heights

    Our Bungalow Lighting adds elegance and ambiance to any home. Hand made in the USA, each of our Bungalow Light Fixtures is carefully constructed by hand in the original style of the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Ageless and beautiful, each classic light fixture is an individual and unique item.

    Bungalow Lighting Specifications:


    • Ceiling Board Size: 30" x 8"
    • Frame Size: 44" x 12"
    • Weight: 35-38 pounds depending on the size and style.
    • Matching Styles: Arts and Crafts lighting - Craftsman lighting - Bungalow Table lamp - Prairie Style Lighting Fixtures - Mission Lighting - Bungalow Pendant lighting
    • Popular Applications:

      Hanging Height & Rods/Chains: The Bungalow Light Fixtures are adjustable to any height you need to fit your space with a minimum of 18 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the glass box. The Light Fixture hangs from the ceiling by either a heavy black rectangular chain, black oval chain or steel rods with loops.

      Wattage & Bulbs: Our Bungalow Lighting has an open-top design allowing light to reflect off the ceiling into your living space. The Light Fixture require three lights with a total maximum wattage of 300 watts.


      Glass Shade: Hand cut & hand soldered stained glass each glass shade is hand made upon ordering. The main glass of the Bungalow Lights is available in two colors: caramel cream or whispering white. The caramel cream, when illuminated, offers a mission amber glow. However, the whispering white is approximately 20% brighter. The accent glass of the light fixture is available in many colors.

      Frame: The Bungalow Style Lighting is available in White northern Quartersawn Oak, Cherry Wood. Our standard wood colors on oak are: Mission Brown, Dark Cherry, Golden Oak and Black. You also have the option of having your Lighting made in a custom color to match your home.

      For more information on the history of the Bungalow Style visit wikipedia.org

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