Arts & Crafts Lighting

The Arts & Crafts Lighting Fixtures can be easily installed in any room such as the entrance hall, the kitchen, or the dining room. Made domestically here in the U.S., Arts & Crafts lighting fixtures provide a smooth warm light in the home, and are carefully made by hand. These lights come with a stunning classic look, and a durability that will last for ages.

Arts and Crafts Lighting Craftsmanship:

      American hand rolled stain glass, quartersawn Oak and Cherry are the materials use to build your Arts & Crafts Lighting.  With care and patience each piece is a one of a kind treasure built to your specification with your option of wood and glass colors to match your home.  The main glass color ihas two options, Caramel and Whispering White.  The White glass does provide about 20% more light but the caramel glass offers a soft amber glow to your home that customers just love. Our wood is available in many colors but you can also request a custom color to match your interior for a small extra fee.




      For more information on the history of the Arts & Crafts Style visit wikipedia.org

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