Bungalow Lighting


Thoughtfully designed to meet the homeowner’s need for timeless and handmade lighting, our Bungalow Lights effortlessly bring in comfort and style to the home. Most popular in the chandelier style, these lights can be customized to suit your individual home’s needs. These Bungalow Lights are crafted from high-quality glass and solid wood frames, making them a one-of-a-kind addition to any home.

Bungalow Lighting Features:

  • Ceiling Board Size: 30" x 8"
  • Frame Size: 44" x 12"
  • Weight: 35-38 pounds depending on the size and style.
  • Hanging Height & Rods/Chains: You can selected different hanging height for the Bungalow Light Fixtures. The minimum distance is 18 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the glass box. 

  • Glass Shade: American made hand rolled stain glass is used, each shade is hand cut, solderd and built.
  •  Frame: The Bungalow Style Lighting is available in White Quartersawn Oak and Cherry Wood.


  • For more information on the history of the Bungalow Style visit wikipedia.org



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