Copper Craftsman Chandelier

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      Room Setting

    Our Traditional Copper Craftsman Chandelier adds elegance and ambiance to any home. Our Copper Craftsman Chandelier is carefully constructed by hand in the original style of the Arts and Crafts Movement. This Traditional Style Craftsman Chandelier is part of our elegant Craftsman Light collection. The Light Fixture is also available a rectangular shape, on our Mission Light Fixture page. Distinguished and dignified, each of our Chandeliers is an individual and unique item.

    Copper Craftsman Chandelier Specifications

    • Ceiling Plate Size: Regular 8" - Large 10.5"
    • Copper frame: Regular 21.5" x 19" - Large 25.5" x 23"
    • Glass Box: maximum width 16" & 20"; height 3.5"
    • Photo of Specifications: Regular Size - Large Size
    • Weight: 17-28 pounds depending on the size and style.

    Hanging Height & Rods/Chains:
    This Copper Craftsman Chandelier is adjustable to any height you need to fit your space with a minimum of 13 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the glass box. The Copper Craftsman Chandelier hang from the ceiling by either three solid brass rectangular chains or thee steel rods with loops. Additional chain or rod length is available. (shown above hanging 16").

    Wattage & Bulbs:
    This Craftsman Chandelier has an open-top design allowing light to reflect off the ceiling into your living space and requires three lights with a total maximum wattage of 300 watts.

    Copper Chandelier Craftsmanship

    Copper Frame:
    Our Copper Frames are Handmade with a thick pure hammered copper. Each frame is protected with a clear coat to prevent oxidation and discoloring.

    Hand cut & hand soldered stained glass each glass shade is hand made upon ordering. The main glass in these Copper Craftsman chandelier is available in two colors: caramel cream or whispering white. The caramel cream, when illuminated, offers a mission amber glow. However, the whispering white is approximately 20% brighter. The accent glass in the Copper Craftsman Chandelier is available in many colors.

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