Vintage Style Craftsman Chandelier #459

Ceiling to bottom of glass
Price: $865.00

Reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts style of decoration, this ceiling fixture is bold yet lighthearted. Also available in a square shape, this looks more traditional in the hexagon shape as pictured. This Vintage Style Craftsman Chandelier gives any space a distinctly vintage vibe. The look of the final product is completely customizable according to your needs and taste. Hand selected, sawn and fitted wood along with the finest handmade glass make this a very beautiful masterpiece for any room in your house.


Size Applications:

  • Regular Size:  Rooms 11' x 11' or smaller.  Craftsman Style Kitchen Lighting, small dining rooms and bedroom
  • Large Size: Rooms 12' x 12' to 15' x 15' Average to large Kitchens, Dining Rooms and Family Rooms.
  • Grand Size: Rooms 15' x 15' and Up, Large Dining Rooms, Living Rooms and Family Rooms.

    Note: The room size applications above represents about 80% of the applications, customers will use a regular size in a large room and a grand size in an average dining room depending on the decor, ceiling height, and many other factors.

Calculating Hanging Height: 

  • Over A Table:
    For The Craftsman Style Chandelier in any size we recommend 5' 11" to 6' 7" from the floorThe factors to consider are, will I hit my head when I bend over the table, will this fixture block the view of the window, wall decorations or someone standing across the table
  • In An Open Space:
    6' 6" to 7' 6" from the floor, in some cases even higher depending on the application.
  • Measuring Hanging Height:
    Hanging height is determined by measuring from the ceiling to the bottom of the glass. The easiest way to measure is to hold a yardstick or tape measure up to the ceiling and see how far you want the fixture to hang down.



More Photos: 
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