Craftsman Style Flush Ceiling Light #510

Price: $2,850.00

Light can identify and enhance our experience. The Flush Mounted Ceiling Light has been designed to generate identity, warmth and aesthetics and makes any living space instantly cool with its warm customizable colors. This lamp is a unique find and gives a very special touch to any space you place it in with its quiet balance between color and repetition. This Craftsman Ceiling Light brings the cool classic aesthetic look into your own home and is suitable for lighting the living room or dining area or as a beautiful eye catcher.

  • Large Size: 41" x 27" and  5 1/2" High (Shown above)
  • Grand Size: 52" x 30" and 4" High. 
  • Watts & Bulbs: Large 56 (LED T8) - Grand (LED Panel)
  • Weight: 25-60 pounds depending on the size and style.

Popular Applications:

  •  Dining Room Lighting
  •  Kitchen Lighting
  •  Great Rooms
  •  Living Rooms

LED Bulbs in the 41" x 27" Large Size:
This fixture uses 4 LED T8 Tubes (similar to fluorescent tubes) 36" long with a very energy efficient rating of 14 watts for each tube, but they have the equivalent light output of a 110 watt incandescent bulb. Life expectancy of the tubes is 50,000 hours, about 20 times as long as incandescent bulbs.

LED Option Grand Size:
This fixture uses an LED panel light with a very energy efficient rating of 80 watts and has an equivalent light output of a 400 watt incandescent bulb, or seven 60 watt light bulbs. Life expectancy of the panel is 50,000 hours, about 20 times as long as incandescent bulbs.

This Craftsman Style Flush Ceiling Light is available in two main colors: caramel cream or whispering white. The caramel cream, when illuminated, offers a mission amber glow. However, the whispering white is approximately 40% brighter. The accent glass is available in many Colors.

The Light fixture is made from Oak or Cherry wood, the wood is cut, sanded, fitted, and joined by hand. Our artisans use only quarter-sawn white oak that is stained with your choice of dark cherry, mission brown, golden oak, or black. Custom colors for the Flush Craftsman Fixtures are available for an additional cost.

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