Arts & Crafts Slat Settle


Our Arts & Crafts Slat Settle adds elegance and ambiance to any home. Our Slat Settles are carefully constructed by hand in the original style of the American Craftsman Movement. This Arts & Crafts Settle is part of our elegant Mission Furniture collection. The Settle is available in oak and cherry wood, custom stain colors are available. Distinguished and dignified, each of our Arts & Crafts Slat Settles is an individual and unique item.

Arts & Crafts Slat Settle Specifications

  • Height: 29 inches
  • Length: 85 inches
  • Width: 36 inches


Arts & Crafts Slat Settle Craftsmanship

Wood Frame: The wood is cut, sanded, fitted, and joined by hand. Our artisans use only quarter-sawn white oak that is stained with your choice of dark cherry, mission brown, golden oak, or black. Custom colors and cherry wood are available for an additional cost.

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